SEAMLESS DELIVERY, FROM click to Doorstep.

Nationwide Reach, Localized Service. Connecting Your Brand to the Nation.

Nationwide Shipping

Streamlined Dropshipping Process Explained

Order Reception

Website owners are promptly notified via email when an order is placed, requiring their approval.

FFL Notification

After approval, the website owner informs the chosen FFL dealer about the expected inventory, facilitating a smooth transfer to the customer.

Revenue Allocation

The system automatically allocates the funds between the website owner and the distributor.

Compliance Made Easy

Our partnership with Fastbound ensures that the bound book is accurately maintained, keeping you compliant with regulations.

Timely Distribution

The distributor dispatches the order to the FFL within 5-7 days, ensuring a swift delivery process.

Customer Satisfaction

The FFL dealer receives the item and completes the transaction with the customer, guaranteeing satisfaction.


Pioneering Your Website

in the Firearms Industry


Consult & Connect

Engage with our expert developers to outline your vision and set the stage for transformation.


Blueprint & Design

Collaborate on the front-end design, crafting a user experience that captivates and converts.


Integrate & Innovate

Seamlessly integrate platforms like Lipsey’s and RSR Group, leveraging technology for operational excellence.


Develop & Deploy

Watch as we bring your digital presence to life with robust back-end development and strategic deployment.


Refine & Review

Participate in a meticulous review process, ensuring every element aligns with your objectives.


Launch & Lead

Celebrate the launch of your new digital platform, equipped to lead and outpace the competition.


Deeper Dive

Into our Dropshipping

Lipsey’s Integration

Seamless Inventory Management: Partner with us to integrate Lipsey’s extensive catalog of firearms, NFA items, optics, and accessories into your online store. Benefit from real-time inventory updates, exclusive products, and free shipping programs to keep your display cases stocked and your business thriving

RSR Group

Broad Selection and Fast Service: Leverage our collaboration with RSR Group to access a diverse inventory selection and exclusive offerings. With their centralized distribution center, we ensure fast, reliable service to keep your business well-equipped and ready to meet customer demands

Design Services

Crafting Your Unique Identity

From logos to full-scale branding kits, our design services are tailored to meet the needs of 2A friendly businesses. We understand the importance of a strong visual identity and provide a suite of services to enhance your brand:


The cornerstone of your brand identity.

Social Media Kits

Consistency across all platforms.

Vegas Shot Show Banners

Stand out in any crowd.