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Taking Cannabis to a higher level in a Conservative Area

We took the lead on a High-End Cannabis Experience. The mission was to achieve a better experience to buy cannabis in a tough state. Not your typical smoke shop was the motto we wanted to bring to life.

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  • Art Direction
  • Brand Design
  • Front End Development
  • Marketing Strategy
The aero lesson builder app dragging an audio component into a screen about plant cells.

The Problem

2022, Altum was started to surpass the current untrustworthy Cannabis Dispensaries in Omaha, NE. The market at that time was strictly vapes, kratom, gummies, & synthetic cannabis products.

A set of dark themed components for the aero design system

The Brand

Showing Cannabis without showing Cannabis was our goal with Altum. That included not using a cannabis leaf, but having the cannabis feel. Sounds confusing? Lotus Flower! Going with a natural health approach by using a Lotus Flower as inspiration. We also wanted to show the quality by using the compound for Cannabidol. That is the three hexagons around the outside of the Lotus Flower.

The homepage of the aero design system docs website linking to principles and components.

The Label

Creation of Labels was a challenge to hold true to our brand story & give a touch of modernity to show the level of advancement Altum brought to the area. Judge them for yourself, what do you think?

A dramatic ocean scene with lava forming a new land mass.

The Website

The amount of options & ideas we had for a website was limitless. As a team we decided to tackle a clean, simple, & easy approach. Making the shop to the product pages easy to navigate, meanwhile giving as much information as possible. From product ingredients to product images, we feel we did just that.

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A learning designer building and deploying an interactive lesson on volcanism using the app.

The Advertising

Cannabis has to be one of the biggest struggles with using Social Media. We found a way around it. Shooting high-end commercials. We accomplished the blacklisting of Social Media exposure. Not stoner, educational.

The Outcome

A successful Grand Opening.

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The homepage of the aero design system docs website linking to principles and components.