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Discovering the recipe for success with exposure

Finding bird lovers is a very niche market. Learn how we successful created this Facebook page into the biggest in Wild Birding.

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  • Bird Research
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Marketing Strategy
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The Problem

Finding what demographic makes most sense to target. This was a small local wild bird store in Omaha, NE. How do we get everyone in the United States to see this small local wild bird store?

The layers sidebar design, now with user profiles.

The Education

Taking the position as the teacher, we found success with the masses using this Facebook page as a Birding Almanac. Social Currency was created through this method. By accident, we found that these followers were using this page as a source of information they could go tell their friends & made them feel a little bit smarter. Think... Digital Newspaper.

The new My Slides tab in slice, showing annotated and favorited slides.
An annotation preview popover with statistics for shape perimeter and area.

The Advertising

This is one of our best performing Advertising clients to date. With this route of Advertising through Facebook. We had a CPM of $1.74. For comparison, the Super Bowl's CPM is $2.50. Besides the money... We were then able to target every person that ever interacted with the Advertisement. That is not achievable with Live Television Sports.

Project outcomes

Real-time collaborative annotation facilitated better collaboration between learners, and was much easier to run group exercises with the new shared layers feature. Learners gave feedback that is was enjoyable to work together and see what others were doing, and liked how interactive and easy to use the application was.

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